While You Were Nursing, Part 2

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Well, the saga continues. As you know, I frequently try and multitask while I'm nursing the baby. Sometimes I blog. Other times I read. Mostly I armchair quarterback wrestling matches and minor skirmishes between my two older children.

Lately, the boys are really upping the ante when it comes to trying to win my attention while I'm nursing their baby brother. In the past few weeks...

Kayden climbed up on top of the television and threw his brother's beloved taggie blankets behind it. Ear-splitting screaming ensued....from all of us. Amazing things, chain reactions.

Cam went upstairs without permission, and when I called for him, reappeared two minutes later with dripping wet hands. I am choosing to believe this is because he actually washed his hands in the sink, as he claimed, not in the toilet, which is much more likely.

One morning, I was nursing the baby and trying to check e-mail while the boys watched a cartoon. When I heard some odd "clicking" sounds, I turned to find both boys sitting on the coffee table, right next to the television, happily running two large magnet toys back and forth across the screen. Luckily, the damage wasn't permanent. It only took an hour or two for the proper color to return to the screen. Their newfound penchant for this fun activity however, is taking longer to eradicate.

Cameron climbed up on the counter in the kitchen and retrieved the bottle of Flintstones vitamins. Not just on the counter, mind you. I know better. No, I keep the vitamins in what I initially thought was a safe location. (Safe...ha! I just may need a safe!) Cameron pushed a large kitchen chair with a highchair attached across the kitchen to the counter, scaled it, stood up on the counter, opened the cabinet door and reached up onto the third shelf inside the cabinet to retrieve the vitamin container. Thank the Lord for childproof caps. And my ultrasonic mommy hearing. He hasn't figured either one of those out...yet.

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