The Arch

I realized today that I have about a bazillion posts to catch up on. As in, I've started them, but never finished them up and posted. Like pics from *one* of the blizzards this winter. And the jillions of pictures I've meant to share from our road trip to Texas and back.
So, here's another catch up post. On the way back from Texas at the end of March, we drove through St. Louis and took a break to walk around the Gateway Arch. It was about half an hour before sunset when we stopped, and completely dark when we left. I could have taken pictures there all day, I think. (And I did take a ton. And I probably posted way too many. It's okay, you'll deal.) Something about the beautifully perfect symmetry and reflection off the metal surface. I know, there's probably therapy and counseling for people like me.

Anyway....here they are. Enjoy!!

The Gateway Arch has a reflection pool. I did not know this. 
There was even a guy set up with a canvas and paints. 

Straight on it looks a bit like the Washington Monument, don't you think?

And...here are the heaps of pics I took from a myriad of angles. Sorry, I'm too lazy to compile them onto neat little "canvases" together. I don't have Photoshop (I wish!!) and that process involves multiple applications and is way too long and complicated for right now. Sorry, it's just not happening.

Walking through to the West...

Remember, it was March. It was cold. And windy.
And I had been in a car with three children for three days. Be kind.

Really, you can never have too many pictures of all of this adorableness. Well, I can't.

Yep, that's me and the boys.

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