Blog Playlist?

I used to have music on my blog. It wasn't a crazy-long playlist, but I liked it. A few months ago, I took the playlist down because I know I have a few friends (like three...) who read my blog at work, and the music clues everyone else in to the fact that they aren't in fact working is - ahem - distracting.

The thing is, I really miss it. Listening to music makes me happy. So, I've put it back up for now, but I'm really interested in your thoughts. Apparently, having music on your blog is breaking a cardinal blogging rule or something. Whatever.

I've disabled the auto-play feature, so it will only play if you want to hear it. I get that not everyone shares my (incredibly awesome) taste in music. Is that a good compromise? I seriously want to know what you think, particularly if you read my blog before I took the playlist down. Doesn't have to be earth-shatteringly insightful, just a "yes" or "no" is fine, maybe with a "why."

Oh, and if you like it, I could really use some great new song suggestions.

Thanks! Happy Friday!

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