I almost titled this post, "Wockets in our Pockets," but decided doing so may be developing a habit of Seuss-related blog titles. Could be fun...or just odd.

Actually, that last post about laundry made me remember that I have loads to do. Haha. Loads. Really though, I do. So I started it this morning. And this time, unlike my children's jeans the other day, I checked the pockets before I put them in the washer. By the time I was done fishing through my husband's jeans, I had quite an intriguing collection. See?

Of course, there were the normal, expected things like his wallet, cell phone, and keys. 

And there were the normal things for Kyler, like the Sharpie marker and occasional pocket knife. 

There were even things that didn't really surprise me, knowing my husband and what he does for a living. "Live 4 Jesus" cards, IHOP coupons, even trash.

I mean, I did find these pants of his in the laundry this past summer. Remember this post?

But as you can see, at closer inspection, some of the contents did beg some questions. For example...

electrical wiring end caps?

 A Cape Cod Baseball League stat sheet? From 1999?!

And the clincher: cold hard cash....from Guatemala.

Seriously. When was the last time he actually wore these pants, and where the heck have they been since then?? Oh, the stories I could weave. But, I think maybe the "don't ask, don't tell" policy I've developed about laundry applies here.

So I'm curious....what do you find in your laundry??

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