Would You Rather?

Weeeellll, here's the thing. I think this is Kyler's influence speaking here, because I'd rather be the ninety-seven cents. Just think of all the options it offers! A myriad of coin combinations, ease-of-use at vending machines, much simpler to deposit and remove from piggy banks, and great for practice with money skills and making change with the little ones. Also, thinking of the little ones, dimes fit much better up your nose than a dollar bill would. Ha!

Although, come to think of it, $1 is enough to provide clean drinking water for 1 African for 1 year. Just like our worship team did with our CD project this fall (read about and listen to it here!). 

Sigh. I don't know...


Okay! Here's we go again! This week's question is.... 


Would you rather be a dollar bill or ninety-seven cents?

Just scroll to the bottom of this post to comment. *I* just realized that I neglected to respond last week. Oops. Guess I'll have two to post up tonight or tomorrow. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, however light or serious!
If you have no idea what's going on, read the original post below (or click HERE for the original post plus comments) and join in the fun this week!


Are there any Dr. Seuss fans out there reading this? I love Dr. Seuss. Really, who doesn't love him? I also wonder why I can't think of some hair-brained idea like writing books about complete nonsense and selling millions of copies so I can stay home with my children for as long as I want and never have to worry about money to feed them with, thankyouverymuch.

Sigh. Until then, how about a little game?? I love games. And...in another attempt to get some audience participation going on this blog, I've decided we'll play it here. Well, I will. You can play too, if you want. You know, if you're fun.

My kids have a Dr. Seuss book titled, Would You Rather Be A Bullfrog? It's definitely one of my favorites. Here's an excerpt:

Tell me!
Would you rather be a Dog...or be a Cat?
It's time for you to think about important things like that.
Would you rather be a Bullfrog...or be a Butterfly?
Which one would you rather be? 
Come on, now.
Tell me why.
(c) 1975 Dr. Seuss & Random House Books 

I love how many messages can be found in any one book, and for people of all ages, too. I've read this one to my toddlers, and used it with older elementary school children as a morning "Brainwarmer" to get them thinking and writing. The book is basically a compilation of "would you rather?" questions, and I would just pose them to my students and challenge them to justify their answers in journals. See? Higher-level thinking questions first rattle out of the box. Brilliant teaching, I know.

Now it's your turn. I'll pose the question, and you answer it. And by the way, this works best if you, you know, answer. Just to be fair, I'll give my answer too...but not until you do (and tell me why!). Here goes nothing! We'll start easy.


Would you rather be a dog, or be a cat?


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