Four Years Old

Tomorrow, my firstborn son will be four years old. Four! I can hardly believe he is that old already. Where has the time gone? It seems I merely blinked, and he went from wee babe:

to an incredibly capable, well-spoken little man.


If you haven't read it before, you can read Kayden's birth story here.


I wrote a poem for Kayden this summer and shared it on my blog.
Here it is again:

I love your smile, your eyes, your hair,
The way you run most everywhere.
Your love for books, and your brothers too,
They make me so very proud of you.

The questions you ask every day,
Your curiosity seems to say,
"Please tell me more! I want to learn!"
I'm so pleased it's knowledge for which you yearn.

I can't believe how bright you are!
Your Daddy says it's 'cause you're a Barr.
The way you laugh, the way you sing,
Such joy to my heart those sweet sounds bring.

I love how you softly whisper my name,
 And your loud shrieks of joy when you're playing a game.
You love to jump, you love to play,
If I let you, you'd stay outdoors all day.

The "Terrible Threes" haven't been so bad,
Although it's not breezy when you get mad.
Your patience with Cameron goes beyond and above
Despite being so young, you know brotherly love

I know sometimes it must be rough,
To be the oldest, you've gotta be tough.
With a baby around, life's not always grand
And you amaze me with how well you seem to understand.

You changed our world that day in May.
I knew we'd never be the same.
And even though now, you're not the only one.
I'll always have a special love for my firstborn son.


I love you, kiddo. 

Happy 4th Birthday!!!

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