What's on your plate?

I've been working hard lately to get our kids to try new foods and eat healthfully. I offer lots of choices and involve them in making lots of different foods, so they are excited about eating them.

But really, we aren't so inventive and "organic" every single moment of every single day. There are plenty of days when we're in a rush to get lunch on the table, are out of my first choices for lunch items, or are just plain too tired to create something fabulous.

Regardless of the fare, I stumbled upon a guaranteed way to get my kids to try more new foods and eat more veggies: I make faces out of them. For whatever reason, my boys think it is hilariously funny to eat the moustache on a clown or beard on an elephant, no matter what it's made of. And I'm thrilled. Success!!

So. What have we been eating lately? Have a look for yourself....

whole wheat banana muffins, strawberry, and Cheerios

grilled cheese sandwich, carrot slices, raisins, and cantaloupe

bean/cheese/spinach quesadilla, turkey/ham, carrots, raspberries, cantaloupe, and apple slices

whole wheat banana muffins, Cheerios, and cantaloupe

turkey, apples, cucumber, strawberries, and string cheese
(This one's my fave so far...)

So...what's on your plate??

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