The Darnedest Things

It's true. Kids really do say the darnedest things. And as a mommy of three boys, I surely don't write them down often enough. My blogging friend Carrie (Hi, Carrie! Can I link to your blog?) has a running sidebar on her blog of the funny things her kids say. It reminds me I need to write more of these things down so I'll remember them (and yes, so I can poke fun at them later...) After all, having all these babies so close together has sucked the brain cells right out of me.

I have a couple other posts about things my kids have said. You can read them here if you want.

The latest incident isn't hilariously funny (as some have been), but I thought maybe it'd at least be worth a chuckle. Last night at the dinner table, Kayden wanted to pray. He often does, and we encourage him to say his own prayer. Here's a (roughly accurate) transcript:

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for today,

And thank you for our doors and windows,

And our walls and our ceiling,

[long pause - Grammy fills in]

And thank you for Mommy and Callan coming home from their trip safely,

And are those paper napkins?!?!

And thank you for the food that Daddy fixed.


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