What's on your plate?

I guess there really is something to be said for presentation. Must be why professional chefs put so much time and energy into plating the dishes they create. Not only is it fun and looks great, but (apparently) we are more likely to eat what they fix if the presentation is appealing.

And I've learned that this applies to my children, as well. Remember when I posted about making a concerted effort to be creative and fun with the presentation of their food? (Here's the post and pictures.) Well, nine times out of ten, it works. (Don't roll your eyes just yet. I most definitely do not manufacture a creative presentation nine out of ten meals. Ha!) But when I do, it's pretty much guaranteed that I can convince them to at least try everything. It's amazing.

So here's the latest creation. For those of you who have difficulty interpreting - ahem - fine art, it's a puppy. With eyebrows, freckles, and a headband, apparently. Sliced hot dog and string cheese, banana, raisins, and spinach leaves.

They even ate the spinach, no joke! My oldest (just turned four) is especially convinced by knowing "what it's good for," (i.e. which vitamins it has and what they do). I can get him to each spinach by telling him it has calcium and iron and makes his teeth and bones strong. Works. Every. Time. Who needs Popeye?! Ha!

Not sure how long this will last, but for now, it's worth the extra effort and I'm enjoying the ride!

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